The following Medication Authorization Form must be filled out each year before the school can administer medication.   

Medication Authorization Form


It is recommended that medications be given at home whenever possible.  However, during school hours, the principal/designee will supervise the administration of medication.  The following requirements MUST be observed or the medication will NOT be given.


A. The medications (pill or liquid) must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in the ORIGINAL doctor's or pharmacy container, labeled by them with the NAME of MEDICATION, the amount to be given, time of day to be taken, and the expected duration that the medication is to be taken.

B. The physician's name and the student's name MUST be on the label for prescription medication.  In case you need medication at home as well as at school, your druggist will give duplicate, labeled containers upon request.

C. Over-the-counter (OTC) non-prescription medication shall have the manufacturer's ORIGINAL label with ingredients listed AND the student's name affixed to the original package.  This includes cough drops.

D. The permission form to give non-prescription and/or prescription medication MUST BE SIGNED by the parent or legal guardian of the child.

E. The parent may withdraw consent for the medication to be given (in writing) at any time.

F. The principal and/or designee MUST BE AWARE of the PURPOSE of the medication, side effects dosage, administration, and time.

G. In specific cases, St. Joseph School may require the parent to come to school to administer the medication for his/her child.


The parent/guardian is responsible at the end of the treatment regime for removing from the school any unused medication that was prescribed for his/her child. If the parent does not pick up the medication by the end of the school year, the principal or designee will dispose of the medication in an appropriate manner and document that the medication was discarded.