Welcome to our School!

We are children following God in Faith, Knowledge, Respect, and Service.


Welcome to Saint Joseph School!

      Here at Saint Joseph School, you will find a happy family atmosphere. We are truly blessed with a small student to adult ratio. Our focus is on providing a one-on-one environment promoting: Christian values, spiritual growth, respect, academic excellence, and service to our communities.

     Academically, we have earned full state and national accreditation through Advanced and have been listed as a 4-Star School. Our ISTEP+ scores are well above the state average and are often the highest in Dekalb County. We have maintained an “A” rating from the state of Indiana for the past 9 years.  

     We fully understand that the cost of private school can be a concern. We have many options to help you provide your child an education at St. Joseph School in an affordable way. We do accept School Choice Vouchers and offer SGO’s. Parishioner scholarships are also offered to those who are active members in their parishes.

    If you have heard mention of Saint Joseph School, it might have been because of our small class sizes, one-on-one attention, and strong academics. However, once you are or have been a part of the Saint Joseph School Family, it is the respect that the students and staff have for one another, their love for Jesus and the way they learn to serve the community that you will comment on first and foremost. Those are the lifelong lessons that make Saint Joseph School stand out!